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Lipstick Collector Run is a vibrant and engaging game that has captured the attention of players who enjoy skill-based arcade games. Released on 24 March 2024, this game offers a unique twist on the running game genre by combining the thrill of dodging obstacles with the fun of collecting lipstick components. The game's single-button control scheme makes it accessible and easy to learn but challenging to master. Players are tasked with navigating through levels, collecting lipstick parts to build their collection while avoiding various obstacles that can end their run. With each successful level completion, players can unlock new levels marked with special challenges and draw from a palette of eight different lipstick colors to customize their collection. The addition of eight hands to help collect items introduces a strategic element to the game, as these hands can significantly increase the player's earnings and amplify the rewards from their collection efforts. Lipstick Collector Run stands out in its category by offering a fresh and exciting experience for those who enjoy collector games on various platforms, including PC and iOS. It's a game that not only tests agility and precision but also rewards players with the satisfaction of building an impressive collection and increasing their in-game currency. For those looking for a game that combines fast-paced action with the joy of collecting, Lipstick Collector Run is a perfect choice.

Swipe left and right move


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