Ant Squisher 2 Games

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Squish all of the Ants! There are Ants all over the place! Squish Ants as rapid as that you could, however make certain not to contact the Ladybug and Beatle!
Expertise a frantic computer virus squishing adventure when your display is full of swarms all Ants.
The more you Squish, the extra that appear! Try to Squish the super fast Ants for extra bonus elements!
And now are includes two further play modes:

typical Play or classic: Squish Ants with out killing any Beetles or Ladybugs; the more you squish, the more that show up!

Pace Mode: the place you have got to race the clock to Squish as many Ants as viable.

Free Play: where that you can casually Squish the entire Ants without timers or game overs (it's very very suitable to for all kids and little one)

The gameplay is designed to develop in main issue established to your private skill!

Product characteristic bullets:
unending sport modality for children!
Three Play Modes!
Super addicting gameplay!
Super fun for all!
Balanced trouble!
Effective colorful snap shots!
Humorous sound results!
Quality track history!



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